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Summer 2012

2012-06-09 11:58:17 by iPixzel

This Summer I'm planning to drop by new album slash mixtape called Pixzelbeat V2, it will be free. yea

love u ~




2012-02-08 21:00:45 by iPixzel

Hi lol.

aaaaaand I'm back.

2011-03-28 18:24:42 by iPixzel

I barely post on Newgrounds, but I will now - I'll be making more music for all of you so stay tuned for more tunes!


2010-08-07 18:33:20 by iPixzel


So I was looking through old project files and decided to continue them today. I hope this motivation on music can sustain so I can complete all the unfinished tracks I have, approximately 15 tracks I haven't finished. *big smile*

Oh, and if you have time, please visit my site. (:

Disclaimer to my Music

2009-08-18 09:19:13 by iPixzel

All rights are reserved to Pixzel, protected under Creative Commons. Before using it in anything, argue with me first and we can specify whatever you want to use for my music. Please don't use it without my permission.


2008-09-18 16:58:12 by iPixzel


Today, I have planned a lot of things for all things computer-related. For myself, I was at school, making a list of what I should do during my free time.. here you go!

.:: List of Things to do! ::.

-Compose music.
-Sprite DeviantArt Stamps.
-Work on a few projects and such.